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Ambrose Bierce and the Other Flag Debate

  For anyone who followed the recent debates over the display of Confederate flags, they may find it of interest that the Confederate Battle Flag has been a bone of contention before, albeit under different circumstances. Ambrose Bierce, whom I … Continue reading

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On February 25, 1862, the city of Nashville fell to the Union Army of the Ohio.  In the aftermath of Grant’s famous victory at Forts Donelson and Henry, the importance of this event has tended to be overlooked by history … Continue reading

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Nathan Bedford Forrest: The Symbol and the Reality

Friends, Politically Correct Partisans, Lend Me your Ears!  I come to bury Nathan Bedford Forrest, not to praise him (sort of). Enough of the bad Shakespeare imitation. I normally do not mix current political discussions with history, but it seems we … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Legislators Past: the Tennessee State Capitol’s Civil War Ghost

Let me relate a tale, for those with a nose for a good ghost story and told by one who knows it to be true, about the Ghost of the Cupola. I was recently informed that some summer tour guides … Continue reading

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The Long, Long, Road to Secession Part I

Ever since a deranged racial terrorist burst into a Black church in Charleston and murdered people, politicos of all stripes have been on a Jihad against symbols of the Civil War throughout the South and elsewhere.  Self-anointed vigilantes have gone … Continue reading

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OF MULES AND MEN: Ambrose Bierce and the “Fog” of War

  It was Winston Churchill, I believe, who once said that “truth is the first casualty of war.” For anyone perusing Bierce’s writings on the Civil War, we can see that this is a dictum which Bierce would have heartily … Continue reading

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Causes of the Civil War: Another Perspective

While Flaggers, neo-Secessionists and other fringe groups continue to justify the Lost Cause, most thoughtful students of the Late Unpleasantness generally agree that preserving the Union was generally a good thing.  A modern corollary to this is the dogma that the … Continue reading

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The Last Surrender: CSS SHENANDOAH

As every fool knows—or every fool of a Civil War buff should know—the Confederacy did not end with General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox; nor did it end when Uncle Joe surrendered to Uncle Billie in North Carolina. No, nor did … Continue reading

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The Odyssey of the CSS Stonewall

Some friends and I were discussing the Civil War the other day—a common topic.  The subject came up, when did the war end?  “On April 9, 1865, of course, when Lee surrendered to Grant,” said one.  “No,” said another, “when … Continue reading

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  In the pantheon of the Lost Cause myth, Jefferson Davis has never figured very large. Lord knows his small but loyal following has tried, but the truth is, compared to Lee, Stuart and Stonewall, old Jeffie has never been … Continue reading

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