I am an author, lecturer, and sometime instructor.  My  interests span a variety of subjects, including a Southern tales of the supernatural, American history and folklore, military history in general, as well as archaeology, anthropology, plus various and sundry things that go bump in the night.

I currently have five books in print: Strange Tales of the Dark and Bloody Ground, Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War, Dixie Spirits and Ghosts and Haunts of Tennessee.  My newest effort, The Paranormal Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, despite the title, is not about the supernatural per se, but is rather a documenary history of some more esoteric aspects the sixteenth President and his belief system, as well as the beliefs and cultural values of those close to him .

My next book will also be a Civil War tome, dealing with famed author Ambrose Bierce’s military experiences in the Late Unpleasantness, hopefully due for release sometime in 2014.  Although best known as journalist, cynic and master of the one-liner, Bierce served the entire war in the Union Army, fighting in many of the bloodiest battles of the war.  His stories and essays about the war remain classics of literature in their own right and provide a unique insight into both the war and the human condition.


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  1. Max Terman says:

    For a Civil War story you may be interested in search Hiram’s Honor on google. It is a novel-memoir about my ancestor’s experience in the Civil War that in many ways paints a “Bierce-like” perspective (see chapter on Andersonville at http://tinyurl.com/6n495ql)

  2. Susan AJ Hughes says:

    This is a very interesting and informative blog. I look forward to catching up on past posts and reading future posts. I am going to get your books (It may take me a while to read all of them) as they sound like they will sure keep one on their toes. I am glad I found your blog…. Signed, A Rebel Through & Through ⚔🌻

    • While I think it was a good thing that the Union was preserved and slavery abolished, I also feel that something as complex and pivotal as the Civil War has many facets to it, and many legitimate perspectives about it. I always try to respect that complexity.

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