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Back to the Future: George Washington’s Prophetic Vision

At first blush, anything to do with George Washington may seem to have little connection with the Civil War. Yet there is more than one incident in which Washington, or some spectral entity resembling him, influenced the outcome of events … Continue reading

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The Day Lincoln Died: The Final Premonition

As every school child knows (or should know) Abraham Lincoln, our sixteenth President, was assassinated on April 14, 1865, and died in the early morning hours of the following day, April 15.  Less well known is that, that very morning, Lincoln … Continue reading

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The Paranormal Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

In my book, The Paranormal Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, (Schiffer Press) I document in depth Abraham Lincoln’s beliefs and practices regarding the supernatural. Although Lincoln’s fascination with the paranormal has been talked about by historians such as Carl Sandburg and … Continue reading

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